Samsung Launches 8K QLED TV in Malaysia for RM299,999

Samsung just unveiled its brand new range of QLED TVs in Malaysia, and the star of the show is definitely the Korean company’s impressive 8K QLED TV. However, that kind of cutting edge product also demands a premium price tag: the 98-inch model retails at an eye-watering RM299,999.

But if you want something more…well, within reach, Samsung also launched its other series of QLED TVs. Let’s break them down.

We’ll start with the flagship QA900R, a true 8K QLED smart TV with a resolution of 7680 x 4320. Yes, there are very limited 8K content right now, but the QA900R can upscale 4K content into 8K. According to Samsung, this is done through machine learning with the Quantum Processor 8K powering the TV.

Naturally, the QA900R also supports HDR10+ – the very same HDR standard the company’s Galaxy S10 smartphones support. Besides that, it also comes with a feature called Direct Full Array Elite. By directly “controlling each individual light unit,” this feature promises to improve contrast quite a bit.

Now, let’s talk prices. The QA900R is available in three sizes: 75-inch, 82-inch, and 98-inch. The smallest model retails at RM59,999, while the 82-inch and 98-inch variants go for RM99,999 and RM299,999 respectively. Premium price tags for an equally premium QLED TV.

Next, we have the more “affordable” QA90R 4K QLED smart TV that sits just below the QA900R. As far as 4K TVs go, the QA90R is Samsung’s most premium offering. It’s powered by Samsung’s Quantum Processor 4K, which upscales content to 4K. Samsung claims that the processor can do so with “sharp detail and refined colour.”

Much like the higher-end QA900R, the QA90R also supports HDR10+ and Ultra Viewing Angle. No matter which angle you’re looking at the TV from, you’ll still get a good viewing experience. However, this is at the expense of lower contrast ratio.

Speaking of contrast, the QA90R features Direct Full Array 16X. While it’s not quite as sophisticated as the QA900R’s Direct Full Array Elite system – it controls the backlight by zones instead – it would still improve contrast to an extend.

Only two sizes of the QA90R 4K QLED TV are available in Malaysia. The 65-inch model is priced at RM18,999, while the 75-inch variant goes for RM29,999.

If you want something even more affordable, there’s the QA75R 4K QLED smart TV. As expected, it’s not quite as feature-rich as the higher-end models. It has a simpler Direct Full Array 4X system for improved contrast, and it doesn’t have Ultra Viewing Angle either. That being said, it does still come with a Quantum Processor 4K and support for HDR10+.

Three different sizes of the QA75R are available here. The 55-inch model retails at RM7,999, while the 65-inch and 75-inch models are priced at RM13,999 and RM19,999 respectively.

Last but certainly not least is the most affordable model of the lot: the QA60R 4K QLED smart TV. Just like its higher-end siblings, the QA60R features a Quantum Processor 4K and HDR10+ support, though it lacks any form of Direct Full Array system for improved contrast.

Five different sizes of the QA60R are sold in Malaysia: 49-inch (RM4,999), 55-inch (RM6,499), 65-inch (RM8,999), 75-inch (RM13,999,) and 82-inch (RM19,999).

All of the Samsung QLED smart TVs mentioned here are now available for purchase in Malaysia. On top of that, Samsung is also running a roadshow in Mid Valley right now until 12 May, and there are several interesting promotions. The 49-inch QA60R QLED TV, for one, can be purchased there for only RM3,499 instead of RM4,999.

To learn more about Samsung’s 2019 range of QLED TVs, head on over to company’s official website.

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