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Samsung Announces Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 Event for 20 October – Phone Customisation?

It’s going to get real busy for the tech industry next week. Samsung just announced a Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 event for 20 October, right after Apple and Google hold their own events to (possibly) launch new MacBooks and the Pixel 6 respectively.

The video teaser for the event itself doesn’t really reveal any notable information. But according to a post on Samsung’s newsroom, the South Korean company hints at how its users are “multifaceted and live life in so many colorful, interesting and unique ways.”

“As such, the technology they use every day should reflect their individuality,” Samsung added.

These statements could be hinting at a phone customisation service of sorts from Samsung – or simply new colourways for its existing phones – though this is only an educated guess on our part at this point in time. It’s possible the Galaxy S21 FE will be unveiled at the event too, though this unlikely in light of delays.

We’ll find out exactly what Samsung has in store come 20 October next week. The Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 event will be livestreamed on Samsung’s YouTube channel on that day at 10PM for us here in Malaysia.

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