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ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition Review: Fantastic 54g Wireless Gaming Mouse

It’s well-established that Asus makes some of the best gaming mice in the market under its ROG brand, and the ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition is arguably the Taiwanese company’s most exciting gaming mouse yet. Not only is it incredibly lightweight at only 54g, it’s also a very fast, very accurate mouse.

Pair that with an attractive price tag – it’s going for RM520 at the time of writing – and you’ve got yourself one of the best gaming mice in the market now with fantastic value for money to boot. While the Harpe Ace does have some shortcomings here and there, its value proposition more than make up for them.

What It Is

Developed in collaboration with Aim Lab, which is known for its FPS aim trainer, the ROG Harpe Ace is under the ROG Ace lineup of esports-centric peripherals. It makes sense, given the lightweight nature of the mouse – achieved through the use of “bio-based nylon material” – and its very accurate 36,000 DPI ROG AimPoint optical sensor with ROG Micro mechanical switches that offer up to 70 million clicks.

Besides that, the Harpe Ace also features a symmetrical design that is said to be co-developed with esports professionals for “maximum stability and control,” as ROG puts it. The gaming mouse supports three different connectivity options too: wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz wireless with the provided ROG Omni receiver.

For the Malaysian market, the Harpe Ace is now listed for as low as RM520 as I’m writing this review. This is a great price point for a gaming mouse of this calibre, and it’s offered in two colours: Moonlight White and Black.

The Good Stuff

The lightweight shell of the ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition is really one of its best qualities. Tipping the scales at only 54g, this is easily one of the lightest gaming mouse in the market now. It’s a joy to game with such a light mouse, allowing me to line up my shots quickly and seamlessly.

Despite its lightweight shell, the Harpe Ace still has solid build quality. There’s no creaking at all with added pressure, and the matte finishing on the shell with the textured grooves on both sides of the mouse add a good amount of grip. If you want even more grip, you’ll be happy to know that grip tapes are bundled with the mouse.

Next, there’s the ROG AimPoint optical sensor of the Harpe Ace. While I am not a particularly competitive gamer, the sensor does feel capable to me, which is able to translate my physical movements to the on-screen cursor very closely. Basically, the AimPoint optical sensor is fast and accurate.

Wireless performance of the Harpe Ace is great too. Thanks to its ROG SpeedNova wireless technology, I didn’t notice any difference between using the mouse in wired mode or 2.4GHz wireless mode with the ROG Omni receiver. I also love the fact that I can connect other ROG products wirelessly with the same receiver, such as the ROG Falchion RX Low Profile keyboard.

A competent gaming mouse has to be able to offer a smooth, uninterrupted glide, and the Harpe Ace can do just that. The mouse’s 100% PTFE feet can provide very smooth gliding motions, and paired with the ROG Moonstone Ace L glass mousepad, it’s definitely a smooth operator. There are extra PTFE feet provided with the mouse too.

Lastly, there’s the ROG Micro mechanical switch of the Harpe Ace, which I really, really like. Not only does it provide a satisfying (and consistent) clicking feel for the left and right buttons, there’s also minimal pre-travel to the buttons, improving the overall responsiveness of the mouse.

The Bad Stuff

As much as I enjoy using the ROG Harpe Ace for both gaming and everyday use, it does have some minor shortcomings. While the side buttons are positioned within easy reach of my thumb, they are a tad too small. Not a huge deal by any means, but it’s worth a mention.

And then there’s the grip tape that’s provided with the Harpe Ace. While I myself don’t feel the need to use it, I do think the design of the tape could be…well, less gaudy. The gamer aesthetics of the grip tape are a tad too much for my own personal liking.

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely. Priced from as low as RM520 now – and I’m sure you can get it at an even lower price point during special sales – the ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition is an incredibly good wireless gaming mouse for the money. And for that reason, the Harpe Ace gets our Nextrift Recommends badge.

The badge is our way of endorsing a particular product for its refinement, unique appeal, or even just sheer value for money. The Harpe Ace fits all of the criteria for the much-deserved award, and none of its shortcomings are a dealbreaker, in my opinion.

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