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Returnal 2.0 Update Allows You to Save Your Game (Sort Of)

Returnal is a tough, tough PlayStation 5 exclusive game, but it will be a little bit less punishing in the 2.0 update, which is now live. Thanks to this new update, you can now save your progress…kind of.

Housemarque calls this new feature Suspend Cycle. As its name suggests, it basically pauses your current run in Returnal to be continued later. Once you’ve done this, you can exit the game or switch off your PS5 without losing your progress – neat, isn’t it?

However, this is not a traditional save point. As Housemarque puts it, “once you resume playing, the suspend point is deleted and cannot be used again.” On top of that, you cannot create suspend point in several instances, such as boss battles, cinematics, or when you’re engaged in combat.

Aside from that, Returnal’s 2.0 update also introduces Photo Mode, so you can capture some really artistic shots of the game’s eerie, dark atmosphere, or Selene in intense combat. You can enter Photo Mode at any point in the game, except in some situations such as first-person sequences.

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