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Realme Watch Launching in Malaysia on 11 June

Realme’s first-ever smartwatch, the Realme Watch, will be landing in Malaysia next week on 11 June. What makes this wearable particularly interesting is its affordable price tag, along with a number of neat features such as an IP68 rating and long battery life.

The Malaysian availability of the Realme Watch was revealed by the Chinese company on its Facebook page. Aside from the smartwatch, Realme will also be launching a number of other products, including a fitness band and a couple of wireless earbuds.

Design wise, the Realme Watch has a square case with a 1.4-inch 320 x 320 touch-enabled display. It offers 10 levels of brightness that peak at 380 nits, so outdoor visibility of the screen should be reasonably good. Overall, it’s quite a handsome smartwatch, though we do wish the bottom bezel was smaller; the Realme branding there doesn’t seem very necessary.

One of the best reasons to invest in a smartwatch is to get notifications from your phone displayed on your wrist, and the Realme Watch can obviously do just that. According to Realme, the wearable supports notifications from apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Gmail. It’ll be interesting to see if the Watch also supports apps not mentioned here, such as Telegram.

Battery life of the Realme Watch is quite respectable too. Realme claims that the smartwatch’s 160mAh battery can return up to nine days of use on a single charge; seven days if the heart rate sensor is enabled. The company added that the battery life can even be stretched up to 20 days in power saving mode.

Naturally, the Realme Watch can track a number of workouts as well. 14 activities are mentioned by Realme, which include badminton, basketball, strength training, yoga, and outdoor run. As expected, the Watch will show your heart rate for the whole duration of the workout, along with the time and distance (for certain workouts) you’ve covered.

Rounding out the specifications of the Realme Watch are a heart rate sensor, the ability to measure blood oxygen level, as well as 12 different watchfaces. That doesn’t sound like much, but Realme did say it is planning to add 100 new watchfaces in the future through OTA updates.

The Realme Watch will be launched in Malaysia on 11 June via an online live stream on Realme’s Facebook page at 11AM. Hopefully, the smartwatch will carry a competitive price tag here. For the sake of comparison, the Watch goes for only 3,999 Indian rupee in India – that comes up to about RM225.

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