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Qwertykeys QK80 Groupbuy Live in Malaysia – TKL Custom Keyboard From RM855

The groupbuy for the Qwertykeys QK80 is live in Malaysia. Set to run until 26 March 2023, the QK80 is the brand’s fourth keyboard, and it shares many of the QK75‘s design elements, including a PCB-mounted design that allows for a plateless build.

Rebult Keyboards is naturally the Malaysian proxy for the QK80. It retails from RM855 for the most affordable case, plate, and PCB combination. The total price goes up to RM1,265 if you opt for the bundle instead, which includes matching keycaps – Cherry profile, double shot PBT with dye-subbed legends – and 90 Latte switches.

Essentially, the QK80 is the QK75 with a tenkeyless (TKL) layout, though there are some key design differences. While it uses the same PCB-mount gasket system, the QK80 now comes with two sets of gaskets with different stiffness for even more customisability. Aside from that, it also has an LED strip above the arrow keys for a unique aesthetic.

The Qwertykeys QK80’s groupbuy is now live in Malaysia through Rebult Keyboards until 26 March. It is an unlimited groupbuy, and fulfilment is expected to begin sometime in July or August 2023. We received a QK80 from the good folks over at Rebult Keyboards, so stay tuned for our full review!

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