PSA: Number Plates Purchased on mySIKAP Are Valid for 6 Months

Most may not be familiar with JPJ’s mySIKAP portal, which allows members of the public to purchase vehicle registration numbers without going through any agent or runner. It’s a very convenient service, and if you’re wondering how long you have before the purchased number has to be registered to a vehicle, we have the answer.

I actually bought a number plate through mySIKAP back in September in anticipation for the Proton X50, and the general consensus online is that the number has to be registered to a vehicle within three months. It didn’t help either that the original receipt doesn’t show the validity of the registration number, but thankfully enough, the copy of the receipt has the relevant details.

So there you have it: number plates purchased through mySIKAP are valid for six months. If you don’t register it to a vehicle within this time frame, the registration number will be forfeited, and you won’t get any refund either. Basically, you will not get back the RM310.

Also, do note that number plates purchased on mySIKAP are for individual or company use only. You cannot, for example, purchase a registration number on behalf of a friend. That being said, while the number is usually not transferrable, it is possible to transfer it to an immediate family member, though you’ll have to provide relevant supporting documents.

If you’d like to register for a mySIKAP account, it’s necessary to head to a JPJ branch to get your first time login details. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to register for an account online.

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