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PS5 Discounted to RM2,279 in Malaysia for Merdeka Until 31 August 2023

In conjunction with our upcoming 66th Merdeka celebration, PlayStation is giving the PS5 a discount. Aside from the console itself, other games and one peripheral are also discounted, including the Pulse 3D wireless headset and God of War Ragnarok.

Two PS5 consoles will be discounted from 18 August (tomorrow) to 31 August at participating retailers. The standard PS5 – with the Blu-ray disc drive – will go for RM2,279, while the Final Fantasy XVI PS5 bundle, which includes a digital copy of the game with the standard PS5, costs RM2,549.

Unfortunately, the PS5 Digital Edition is not part of the promotion.

As mentioned, a number of games are also discounted. These include Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (RM169 for both the PS5 and PS4 versions); God of War Ragnarok (RM209, PS5); Horizon Forbidden West (RM209, PS5); and God of War PlayStation Hits (RM39, PS4). As for the Pulse 3D headset, it will retail at RM419 for the White, Midnight Black, and Grey Camouflage models.

To recap, these promotional prices for the PS5, Pulse 3D wireless headset, and games will be valid from 18 to 31 August 2023. More details on PlayStation’s Merdeka Sale can be found here.

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