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Proton X50 Will Now Be Launched Online

Many are waiting for the official launch of the Proton X50, but with CMCO in place, it’s not exactly feasible to hold a physical launch event. In light of this, Proton said that it will now launch the highly anticipated B-segment SUV through a live stream.

This is confirmed in a report by SoyaCincau, which got a statement from a Proton spokesperson on the matter. Here’s the pertaining statement:

With regards to the Proton X50 launch, we are continuing according to the schedule for a virtual launch of our new SUV. Initially, we planned to have a physical launch but even before the implementation of the CMCO the company had decided that such an event would not be in tandem with the mood of the nation and decided to scale things down considerably.

There you have it: official confirmation from Proton itself that the X50 will be launched through a virtual event. Of course, it remains to be seen as to when exactly this will happen, but we imagine it will be taking place very soon.

As per our previous report, Proton also reiterated that production of the X50 is not affected at all by COVID-19. This is despite the fact that 50 employees from the Engineering Division tested positive for the virus. “We do not expect it to impact our production volumes,” the company added.

Nonetheless, the wait for the official launch of the Proton X50 is coming to an end very soon. No word yet on exactly how much it will cost, though there is a chance the B-segment SUV will retail below the RM90,000 price point.

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