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Proton to Enter EV Market When Time Is Right

Electric vehicles (EV) have only gotten more popular in recent times, so it’s really only a matter of time before more carmakers start producing their own EVs. Proton, for one, said that it already has the capability to introduce EV technology, but the national carmaker is waiting for the right time to do so.

This was revealed by the CEO of Proton Edar, Roslan Abdullah, in an online interview with The Malaysian Reserve. According to Roslan, Proton is “awaiting clarity on the country’s direction in the (EV) segment” before deciding to introduce any EV technology, among other things.

“We could bring the technology, but the question is what would happen to aftersales in the next five years? We are not looking at selling the product alone but throughout the customer experience of owning an EV car as well,” said Roslan.

“How many consumers could afford an EV? In Malaysia, a part of the forces in sales is price affordability. If we have to bring down the price level, would it meet certain regulations later on, if any? These are key points we are looking at in determining to bring EVs. We (need to) look for the right product and the right time,” he added.

Based on these statements, it’s unlikely Proton will enter the EV market anytime soon. That is, unless the Malaysian government starts pushing for electrification of cars. Thailand, for one, is banning sales of non-EV cars by 2035 in its effort to “transform itself from a Southeast Asian hub for the production of conventional autos to one making electric cars,” Bloomberg reported.

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