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Proton Acknowledges Issues With Aftersales Service – Revamp in Progress

While Proton’s product quality and brand image have improved immensely over the past few years – especially with the launch of the Proton X50 and Proton X70 – its aftersales service didn’t quite see the same level of improvement. In light of this, the national carmaker announced that it is in the process of revamping its aftersales service.

“Proton admits that some aspects of our business have not been able to keep up with our recent successes. While we have dramatically moved forwards in product quality, brand image, and the technology offered in our cars, our aftersales service has not made the same leap,” said the CEO of Proton Edar, Roslan Abdullah.

“This situation was exacerbated in 2020 by firstly Covid-19 and then our decision to invest in a completely new back-end ordering and delivery system,” he added.

However, as mentioned, Proton is taking necessary steps to improve its aftersales service. Roslan further elaborated that “we (Proton) are working on these issues around the clock to overcome them in the shortest time possible.”

For what it’s worth, I just got my own 2014 Proton Iriz serviced at a Proton 4S facility, and I did not face any issue with part shortages. Of course, I’m sure there are folks that have a completely different experience, but it’s important to note that Proton’s aftersales service is not all bad.

Anyway, if you are facing delays with regular servicing or accident repairs for your Proton car, you can get in touch with Proton’s customer care hotline at 1-800-88-8398.

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