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Protect Your Precious Keyboard With the Monokei Kaban Carrying Case

One accessory that not many people would think of getting is a carrying case for your keyboard. It’s an especially handy product if you carry your keyboard around, so if you’re looking to get a case, consider the Monokei Kaban.

There aren’t a lot of good quality keyboard carrying cases in the market, which is exactly why the Kaban is an interesting product. Not only does it look legitimately high quality – it’s a Monokei-branded product, after all – it’s also an in stock item, a rarity in the custom keyboard scene.

Anyway, two sizes of the Kaban are available: Small and Medium for S$35 (about RM110) and S$40 (approximately RM125) respectively. The Small one is suitable for 60% and 65% keyboards, while the Medium size is for 75% and 80%/TKL keyboards. You can refer to the dimensions of the two cases here.

It’s worth noting that Monokei is based in Singapore, so if you’re in Southeast Asia, you’ll definitely get better shipping rates than folks who are located outside of the region. Carrying cases take up a lot of volumetric weight, so expect to pay quite a bit for shipping.

Even though the Kaban is an in stock item, Monokei mentioned that the carrying case will only start shipping next week on 26 July. If you’re keen to get it, you can do so on Monokei’s online store.

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