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ProjectD Outlaw – Ducky’s Take on a Premium 65% Custom Keyboard for $299/$399

Ducky is a very recognisable name in the pre-built keyboard market, which is why the company’s new project – aptly dubbed ProjectD – is particularly interesting. Essentially, it is Ducky’s take on a premium custom keyboard, a product segment that is uncharted territory for the brand.

The first product in the ProjectD series is the Outlaw, a 65% keyboard with a slew of customisation options. As many as four different plates – FR4, polycarbonate, POM, and metal – are bundled with the keyboard, which are placed in a rather nice carrying case. The bottom case of the Outlaw can either be aluminium or carbon fibre too; very interesting.

Not surprisingly, the Outlaw also features a gasket mounting system, which looks to provide a reasonably good amount of flex for a comfortable typing experience. It has a rather pleasant, “solid” sound profile too, thanks to a plethora of foams that come with the keyboard.

Pricing wise, we were told that the Outlaw will be priced between $299 to $399, which is about RM1,380 to RM1,840. Obviously, this is not an affordable keyboard, and it is contending with “proper” custom keyboards at this price point.

But based on our brief hands-on with the Ducky ProjectD Outlaw, we do think it has the potential to be just as good as a custom keyboard. It will go on sale sometime in Q3 or Q4 2023, and we were told that more keyboards will be added to the ProjectD series in the future – perhaps these upcoming models will use different layouts (and maybe even different build material) too.

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