PM Anwar Cabinet Reshuffle – Gobind Singh Now Digital Minister

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim just announced a new Cabinet lineup, and there is a familiar face: Gobind Singh Deo returns to the Cabinet as the Digital Minister. Fahmi Fadzil, on the other hand, is now the Communications Minister.

Yes, the Ministry of Communications and Digital has been split between Gobind and Fahmi. As their new roles show, each of them will handle different aspects of the previous ministry. It’s worth noting that Gobind helmed the Ministry of Communications and Digital back in 2018.

Besides that, Teo Nie Ching will continue to be the Deputy Communications Minister, while Datuk Ugak Anak Kumbong is the Deputy Digital Minister. This is a portfolio change for him from his previous role as the Deputy Minister of Sabah and Sarawak Affairs.

Now that the Ministry of Communications and Digital is divided between two ministers, we can expect for there to be better focus on each aspect of the previous ministry. Hopefully, this will mean better progress for the Malaysian telco industry, among other things under the purview of both Gobind and Fahmi.

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