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PlayStation Returns to the Portable Gaming Market (Sort Of) With Project Q

It’s been rumoured that PlayStation is coming back to the portable gaming market for quite some time now, and earlier today, Sony revealed Project Q. While it’s not a standalone gaming console – so no, it’s not a successor to the PlayStation Vita – it does allow gamers to stream games from the PS5 to the device.

Basically, Project Q takes advantage of the PS5’s Remote Play feature. Both the PS5 and the handheld device have to be connected to the same WiFi network for this to work, and Project Q itself is said to feature an 8-inch HD screen with all of the features of the DualSense controller.

Beyond Project Q, Sony also unveiled a pair of PlayStation-branded wireless earbuds. It is said to work with PS5 and PC – it can also connect to smartphones via Bluetooth – and it features a new wireless technology that allows for “lossless audio” and low latency.

According to Sony, this is just a sneak peek at Project Q and the PlayStation wireless earbuds. More information will be revealed in the future, though the company said that Project Q will be launched later this year.

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