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PlayStation Holiday Sale 2019 Shopping Guide – Which Exclusive Games to Buy?

The PlayStation Holiday Sale is back for 2019, and there are quite a number of noteworthy discounts for a wide range of games. It can get a little overwhelming to go through all of the games that are discounted, so here’s a neat list of exclusive titles that you should consider.

Death Stranding

If you own a PlayStation 4 system, Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding should definitely be in your list of games to play. Originally going for well over RM200, you can now get it for only RM167.30. A great deal for a game that was only released last month.

If you want the Deluxe Edition, it’s going for RM230.30 now. It includes a number of in-game items in gold, 10 PSN avatars of various characters in the game, and a digital album of original music from Death Stranding along with a behind the scenes video.

These are good deals for the game, but if you prefer getting a physical copy, good news: you can get it for around the same price. A Preferred Shopee retailer is listing the regular version for only RM169, while the Special Edition is priced at RM289.

Not sure if Kojima’s latest game is for you? Then check out our review of Death Stranding right here.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Arguably one of the best superhero games released thus far, Marvel’s Spider-Man is an incredibly fun game. Even if you’re not a big fan of the Marvel superhero, we reckon you’ll enjoy the game regardless; it’s jam-packed with content in a big open-world setting.

Anyway, only the Game Of The Year Edition is available now for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Listed at only RM101.40, this version of the game offers the complete DLC story arc for The City That Never Sleeps, which offers three additional chapters in the story.

God of War

Considered to be the best entry in the franchise yet, God of War is now more affordable than ever. The standalone game is priced at merely RM47.40, while the Deluxe Edition can be yours for RM77.40. The latter is bundled with additional goodies like in-game items, a dynamic theme for your PlayStation 4, and even digital comic and artbook from Dark Horse.

If you just want to experience the story of God of War, the regular version of the game will suffice. After all, the extra RM30 can go towards a different game in this list.

Days Gone

Even though it’s not quite the success most were hoping for, Days Gone is still a decent buy for this promotion. Initially priced at RM169, you can get the game for only RM101.40 now. The Deluxe Edition, on the other hand, costs RM125.40; it includes a dynamic theme, in-game items, and a digital art book by Dark Horse Comics.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

Powered by the same Decima engine used in Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn is a fantastic game from Guerrilla Games. It’s an open-world game with a pretty compelling storyline, and the combat system is quite interesting as well.

The Complete Edition of the game is now offered for only RM47.40, and the Frozen Wilds expansion is bundled along with this version of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a Naughty Dog game. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End marks the end (excuse the pun) of Nathan Drake’s journey in the series, and it’s easily one of the best – if not the best – entries in the franchise.

Currently listed at only RM37, it’s a steal for a big title like Uncharted 4. While that’s not the lowest price we’ve seen the game go for (it was priced at RM29.60 earlier this year), that’s still a good deal.

The Last of Us Remastered

If you missed this game when it was offered for free to PlayStation Plus members back in October, you can now get The Last of Us Remastered at a pretty low price. It normally costs RM74, but you can now get it for only RM37.

Those who have played this game when it was first released for the PlayStation 3 should still give the Remastered edition another playthrough. Not only does it look better and run at 60 frames per second, the Left Behind DLC is also bundled with this game.

Given that The Last of Us Part II is releasing on 29 May 2020, it’s a great idea to catch up with the story before the second instalment is released. Yes, it’s still some time away, but there’s no telling when the original game will be discounted again.

It’s worth noting that PlayStation will charge 6% SST from next year onwards for items sold in the PlayStation Store; this is in line with the Malaysian government’s decision to implement digital tax in 2020. With this in mind, you may want to grab these games at the discounted prices before SST comes into effect.

The PlayStation Holiday Sale 2019 will end on 5 January 2020, but do note that price adjustments for SST will take place on the PlayStation Store between 4 to 6 January next year. To be safe, it’s best to make your purchases before those dates.

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