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PlayStation 5 Teardown Shows Huge Cooling Fan & Easy Storage Upgrade

The PlayStation 5 is only about a month away before it hits the market globally, and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) just released a teardown video of the next generation console. Not only do we have a good idea of how big the PS5 is – it’s quite a unit – SIE also detailed the impressive cooling system and easy upgradability of the console.

Let’s start with the cooling system of the PS5. The console is equipped with a huge 120mm diameter, 45mm thick double-sided air intake fan. The sheer size of the fan itself will ensure that the console will remain as quiet as possible, and there are even two dust catchers to keep the system clean. Dust collected in the two holes can then be vacuumed out.

Further enhancing the cooling performance of the PS5 is a sizeable heatsink. According to SIE, the design of the heatsink is able to achieve the same level of performance as a vapour chamber. Liquid metal is also used as the Thermal Interface Material (TIM) for the PS5 to more effectively cool the console’s SoC.

Throughout the teardown video, it’s clear that the PS5 is designed to be easily serviceable. Almost all of the components – including the disc drive, cooling fan, and PSU – can be accessed with relative ease. End users can even add more storage through the M.2 slot, which is compatible with PCIe 4.0 SSD storage.

It’s great that we get to see the inner workings of the PlayStation 5 before it’s officially available on 19 November globally. Hopefully, Malaysian pre-orders for the PS5 will begin soon. After all, a number of its accessories have already been certified with SIRIM, including the DualSense controller.

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