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Petronas Setel Now Available Nationwide at Over 700 Stations

Petronas just announced the availability of its Setel service nationwide, so it is no longer limited to Petronas stations in the Klang Valley area. Launched back in July 2018, Setel is the company’s “e-payment solution” – Petronas made it very clear it’s not an ewallet service – that lets you make fuel purchases directly from mobile devices, making it more seamless and convenient whenever you have to refuel your vehicle.

Now, even though Setel is expanding nationwide, not every Petronas station supports the payment service right now. Rather, it’s only available over 700 stations throughout Malaysia. That being said, Petronas did say it is rapidly expanding the service nationwide in the next few weeks, so expect Setel to be available in more stations soon.

As mentioned, Setel lets you pay for fuel through the app, simplifying the refueling process. This is especially useful if you don’t have access to a credit card, or if you’d rather not have RM200 withheld every time you use a debit card. Of course, the one big limitation of Setel is the fact that it only works at Petronas stations.

Besides announcing the nationwide availability of Setel, Petronas also revealed its future plans for the payment service. For one, it’ll introduce a drive-through service of sorts. While waiting for the fuel pump to be activated using the Setel app, you can purchase items like mineral water and snacks within the app itself.

After you’re done refueling, you can just drive to the “Setel Pit Stop” to pick up your order. It’s really quite a good feature that’ll make purchasing items from Petronas stations a lot more convenient.

Besides that, Petronas is also planning to add a family feature to the Setel app. Basically, this lets users manage the fuel expenses of their family members. For example, from the Setel app, you can allow your family member to pay for fuel with your Setel wallet. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Finally, Petronas also teased a rather nifty feature. Once you’ve driven to a Petronas station that supports Setel, your in-car entertainment unit will prompt you if you’d like to refuel with the payment service. This is definitely a lofty integration, and Petronas said that it is already in talks with a car manufacturer to make this possible.

If we had to take a guess, we’d say Petronas is working with Proton to integrate the Setel service into the car maker’s GKUI head unit, though it’s worth noting that both companies didn’t make any mention of this.

Petronas didn’t give any specific timeline for the availability of these three new features, so we’ll just have to keep a close eye for their eventual (hopefully) arrival. Keen to try out Setel? The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The full list of Petronas stations that support Setel can be found here.

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