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PDRM Summons (Issued Before 2023) Discounted to RM50 From 21 April

If you’ve got any outstanding traffic summonses from PDRM, you can enjoy a pretty darn good discount to clear them from this Friday onwards. From 21 April to 21 May, each traffic summons issued by PDRM will be discounted to only RM50.

You stand to save quite a bit of money through this initiative, which was announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Take for example a RM300 traffic summons from PDRM: since it can be settled for only RM50, you save as much as RM250. That is a very respectable amount of discount.

But there is a caveat: only summonses issued before 2023 are eligible for the special RM50 payment rate. Aside from that, while it was mentioned that all PDRM traffic summonses issued in 2022 and before will be discounted, it’s not clear if specific summonses, such as ones that require a court appearance, are eligible for the savings too.

No details yet on the payment method to enjoy the special discount, though we reckon it will be possible to pay for the summons online at the discounted rate through the MyBayar portal. MyBayar is also available as an app on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei AppGallery.

To recap, the special RM50 payment rate for all PDRM traffic summonses issued before 2023 is applicable from 21 April to 21 May 2023 next month.

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