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Oppo Introduces 20-Day Trial Program for Find X2 Series in Malaysia

Oppo just launched a rather interesting loan program for its latest flagship smartphones, the Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 Pro. This program is dubbed “LendX2GO,” and those who are interested to try out either one of the two phones can do so for 20 days; they can even get a discount if they decide to purchase the device after the trial period.

Naturally, there are more than a few caveats here. For one, the trial program is limited to only 100 participants. 50 of them will receive the Find X2 Pro, while the other 50 will get the standard Find X2 instead. On top of that, those who are selected would have to pay a deposit of the devices’ full price before they can start the loan program, so that’s RM3,999 for the Find X2, and RM4,599 for the Find X2 Pro.

Of course, after the 20-day trial period, you can get the deposit back once the device is returned. But if you do decide to purchase the phone, Oppo is offering a 10% discount. You can get RM400 off for the Find X2, and RM460 for the Find X2 Pro – reasonably good offers.

However, you do have to jump through hoops to secure the discount. For one, you’ll have to shoot five “aesthetically taken photos” with the phone’s camera, complete with the Find X2 watermark. Once you’ve done that, the five pictures and a 30-word testimonial highlighting certain features of the device have to be posted either on Lowyat.NET forum’s Android section or Cari forum.

This loan program is only open to Malaysians above 18 years of age, and selected participants have to collect the Find X2 or Find X2 Pro from the Oppo store in these four locations: Pavilion Kuala Lumpur; The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur; Prangin Mall, Penang; and Mid Valley Southkey, Johor.

Needless to say, it’s not a straightforward process to sign up for the trial program, but it does give 100 consumers a chance to try out the Find X2 or Find X2 Pro for 20 days without actually purchasing the device. Granted, they have to fork out a deposit for the phone’s full price, but it will be refunded when the device is returned.

If you’re interested to try out the Oppo Find X2 or Find X2 Pro for 20 days, you can submit your application right here. If you’d like to learn more about the Find X2 Pro, check out our hands-on of the flagship smartphone.

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