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NovelKeys NK87 Custom TKL Keyboard Will Cost $265 – Unlimited Pre-Orders

NovelKeys just revealed the more information on its upcoming custom mechanical keyboard, the NK87 Aluminium Edition. Set to retail at $265 – that comes up to about RM1,070 – the custom TKL keyboard will enter unlimited pre-order towards the end of this month.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information that was revealed by NovelKeys on the NK87, though the vendor did say that it is “almost ready to show all of this (the NK87) off.” However, given that the keyboard will enter unlimited pre-order first, expect the NK87 to only ship a few months after pre-orders are closed, though this is only an educated guess.

So far, we do know that the NK87 will be offered in a number of colours. These include blue, black, white, beige, and even a bright yellow colour option, which looks very striking. It will also come with an aluminium case, a top-mount system, a textured finish akin to that of “older cameras” – seemingly only for certain colour options – and it will be largely similar to the NK65, but with improved acoustics for a better sound signature.

Expect to learn more about the NovelKeys NK87 Aluminium Edition by the end of this month. For $265, it’s a reasonably affordable custom TKL keyboard.

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