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Nintendo Finally Opens Malaysian Website, But No Digital Store

Surprise surprise, Nintendo Southeast Asia just announced the opening of its official websites for Malaysia and The Philippines! This comes four months after the Japanese game company did the same for Singapore.

However, just like Singapore, this looks to be just a website for Nintendo-specific news. There is no digital store in sight, which is really what most gamers are looking forward to. After all, players in markets where the My Nintendo Store is unavailable have to purchase digital games from other regions, such as the US store.

Instead, if you’re browsing through any products on the Nintendo Malaysian website, a Shopee and Lazada link will be given to Maxsoft’s stores instead. This makes sense, given that Maxsoft is the official distributor of Nintendo products in Southeast Asia.

Nonetheless, the fact that Nintendo has opened an official website for Malaysia is still a promising sign. Hopefully, the company will eventually release a digital store in our local currency for easier access to digital games.

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