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New Entry-Level Apple Pencil With USB-C Official – RM399 in Malaysia

Apple just introduced an affordable new Apple Pencil. Despite its entry-level positioning, the new stylus actually comes with a slew of features iPad owners will appreciate, including a USB-C charging port, hover support with the M2 models of the iPad Pro, as well as the ability to attach magnetically to the side of an iPad for easy storage.

For the Malaysian market, the new Apple Pencil retails at RM399. That’s quite a bit more affordable than the 2nd generation (RM599) and 1st generation (RM479) models of the stylus. Of course, given its lower asking price, the USB-C Apple Pencil doesn’t have more advanced features like pressure sensitivity or wireless charging.

Speaking of charging, the new Apple Pencil’s USB-C port is hidden behind a neat sliding cap. It is also compatible with all iPads that feature a USB-C port, so that includes the current iPad Pro models and even the more affordable 10th generation iPad.

While the USB-C Apple Pencil will be sold in the US sometime in November next month, Malaysian availability of the new iPad accessory has not been announced yet. Rest assured, we will keep a close eye on the local availability of the RM399 Apple Pencil.

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