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MTG Commander Masters Arrives 4 August for Tabletop – First Masters Set for Commander

The Commander format is one of the most popular ways to play Magic: The Gathering, and the card game’s newest set, Commander Masters, is meant to complement that format. As the set’s name suggests, it is the first Masters set made exclusively for Commander.

Consisting of 40 new cards and “beloved reprints,” as Wizards puts it, Commander Masters features collectable versions of fan-favourite cards. They feature the new Borderless Frame Break treatment where the artwork “explodes” out of the card, which does look quite good.

Naturally, it only makes sense for Commander Masters to feature Commander Decks of its own too. Four 100-card Commander Decks are offered as part of the set, and each of them is built around a popular and powerful archetype “not seen in preconstructed Commander decks to date.” According to Wizards, the cards featured in the decks are of a much higher power level than what players are used to as well.

Magic: The Gathering’s Commander Masters set will be released for tabletop on 4 August. Ahead of the set’s launch, you can pre-order it from your favourite game store. Commander Masters is offered in Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, Collector Boosters, and of course, the aforementioned Commander Decks.

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