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MSI GS66 Stealth Gaming Laptop With 300Hz Screen Coming to Malaysia Soon

Initially unveiled at CES 2020, the thin and light MSI GS66 Stealth seems to be making its way to Malaysia soon. Sporting an incredibly fast 300Hz display and a very generous 99.9WHr battery, the GS66 is one impressive gaming laptop.

As usual, we were combing through SIRIM’s database when we noticed that the GS66 was registered under two applicants just today: Ingram Micro Malaysia and VSTECS Astar. These two companies are reputable distributors on our shores, and since the gaming laptop have appeared in SIRIM, it’s possible MSI Malaysia will be launching the new gaming laptop locally soon.

What makes the GS66 Stealth a particularly enticing gaming machine is its extremely fast 15.6-inch 1080p 300Hz screen. In a market flooded by gaming laptops with 120Hz or 144Hz panels, the GS66 definitely has the unique factor in this respect. While most games won’t be able to run at that refresh rate – especially on more graphically demanding games – we reckon competitive gamers will appreciate this fast screen.

Besides that, the GS66 is also equipped with a huge 99.9WHr battery. Even though MSI did not give any estimate on the battery life of this gaming laptop, it’s safe to assume it will be quite long-lasting. After all, that’s practically the biggest battery capacity that can be fitted into a laptop before it’s not allowed to be brought on a flight – 100WHr is the limit.

That being said, fitting such a large battery into the GS66’s chassis does make it a heavier, thicker laptop than its predecessor, the GS65. For comparison, the previous iteration weighed 1.9kg, while the GS66 tips the scales at about 2.1kg. Its chassis, on the other hand, measures 19.8mm thin, compared to the GS65’s 17.9mm thin profile.

Unfortunately, other specifications of the GS66 have not been revealed yet, even though it’s been two months since its debut at CES 2020. The processor options, for one, are only said to be from Intel’s 10th generation Comet Lake-H CPUs, which have not been officially announced yet by the chipmaker.

Same goes for the GS66’s GPU: MSI only mentioned that the gaming laptop will be packing Nvidia’s latest RTX GPUs. Given the vagueness surrounding the GS66’s key hardware, there’s a good chance it will come with the next generation of Nvidia’s GPUs. Perhaps the mobile version of the company’s Super graphics cards?

Regardless, we expect to hear more about the Malaysian availability of the MSI GS66 in the coming weeks, now that it’s been registered with SIRIM. It’ll be interesting to see how much this premium thin and light gaming laptop will go for once it’s officially available here.

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