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More Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Details Leaked: 108MP Camera, 120Hz 1440p Display, 5,000mAh Battery

Another day, another set of leaks surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S20+. Just like the previous one, these new details are courtesy of XDA’s Max Weinbach. This time around, his source gave us a closer look at several key specifications of the Galaxy S20+.

Let’s start with the quad camera configuration of the upcoming smartphone. Just like previous rumours have suggested, this new leak confirms the Galaxy S20+’s 12MP primary sensor with a 1.8μm pixel size. While that doesn’t sound particularly impressive, keep in mind that its predecessor’s main camera – while also a 12MP sensor – had a pixel size of 1.4μm.

Given the larger 1.8μm sensor of the Galaxy S20+, which allows it to take in more light, it’s safe to say it will have much improved camera performance.

Another interesting sensor in the quad camera system is the 64MP shooter. Surprisingly enough, this is thought to be the telephoto lens. It remains to be seen exactly why Samsung decided to use such a high megapixel sensor for the telephoto lens, but XDA’s source confirmed that the S20+ can do between 3x zoom up to 30x zoom.

What about the other two sensors? Well, renowned leaker Ice Universe seems to know a thing or two. Apparently, the quad camera setup also includes a 12MP sensor and a time-of-flight (ToF) shooter. If we were to take a guess, we’d say the 12MP unit is an ultra-wide angle camera.

On top of that, if Ice Universe is accurate – which is usually the case – it’ll confirm that there’s no macro lens with the Galaxy S20 smartphones.

Another thing to note is the supposed camera configuration of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Instead of the 12MP main shooter of the other Galaxy S20 smartphones, the Ultra comes with the much anticipated 108MP camera. It’s not known yet if this is the same 108MP sensor found in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, but there’s a good chance it is. After all, that sensor is a collaboration between the two companies.

Also, instead of a 64MP telephoto lens, the Galaxy S20 Ultra features a 48MP telephoto shooter. Now, despite its lower megapixel count, this is actually a far more interesting sensor. According to Weinbach, that 48MP shooter can do a whopping 10x optical zoom.

Beyond the camera configuration of the Galaxy S20 smartphones, we’ve still got a number of interesting details with the Galaxy S20+. The rumoured 120Hz display? It seems to be accurate. XDA’s source revealed that the S20+’s screen does have a 120Hz refresh rate, but there’s a caveat here.

Even though the Galaxy S20+ (allegedly) has a 6.7-inch 3200 x 1440 WQHD+ Dynamic AMOLED display with a tall 20:9 aspect ratio, it’s only possible to set the screen’s refresh rate to 120Hz…in Full HD+ resolution. There is a chance this is merely a software limitation in the interest of battery life, but at this point in time, it doesn’t seem to be possible to set the display to 120Hz in WQHD+.

Design wise, the Galaxy S20+ really does sport a flatter display than its predecessor; a short hands-on video of the smartphone shows this quite well. Unfortunately, the 3.5mm headphone jack is also gone on the Galaxy S20+, making it the first Galaxy S phone to remove the port.

Fortunately enough, expandable storage is still available on the Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra. There’s no word yet whether or not the standard Galaxy S20 will come with a microSD card slot as well, and given that the Galaxy Note 10 doesn’t have one (while the higher-end Note 10+ does), it’s really quite hard to say.

Oh, there’s also an image of the Galaxy S20+ right next to its direct predecessor, the Galaxy S10+. Due to the taller 20:9 display, the S20+ is noticeably bigger than the S10+. It’s not immediately obvious from the picture, but it does seem like the S20+ is ever so slightly narrower too.

If you’re wondering, all three models in the Galaxy S20 family will supposedly feature 120Hz WQHD+ AMOLED screens with 20:9 aspect ratio.

Last but definitely not least are the battery capacities of the Galaxy S20 smartphones, which seem to be upgraded quite a bit. Looking at the leaked images of the specifications, the Galaxy S20+ is packing a generous 4,500mAh battery. In comparison, the Galaxy S10+ had a slightly smaller 4,100mAh cell.

Things get a lot more interesting with the Galaxy S20 Ultra. In a tweet, Weinbach wrote that the top-of-the-line device gets a sizeable 5,000mAh battery. Not only that, it can supposedly do 45W fast charging, allowing it to be fully charged from completely empty in 74 minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is shaping up to be Samsung’s most exciting one yet. The sophisticated camera system is extremely promising, the 120Hz display is enticing, and the bigger battery capacities should translate to better battery life. Samsung will officially introduce the Galaxy S20 smartphones on 11 February.

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