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Moondrop Is Entering the Smartphone Market With Moondrop Miad 01 HiFi Phone

Now this is interesting. Moondrop, a well-known name in the ChiFi audio scene, will be entering the smartphone market soon with the Moondrop Miad 01. Naturally, is said to be a HiFi mobile audio device with 5G connectivity.

Unfortunately, details are light on the Miad 01; only a product page of the phone has been released on Moondrop’s official website. We do, however, get a silhouette of the upcoming device, which looks to have the power button and volume controls on the left side of the phone. Well, assuming we’re looking at the front of the phone in the teaser image.

Given its focus as an audio-centric phone, the Miad 01 should have some features that complement that. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume it will come with an audio jack of sorts – likely 3.5mm, if we had to guess – and perhaps a capable DAC to differentiate it from other smartphones in the market.

This isn’t the first time Moondrop is entering a new product category. After all, the brand also introduced several keyboard products not too long ago, including the Dash75 pre-built keyboard with an integrated DAC/AMP, as well as the Lunalight and Tessence switches.

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