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Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 Update Adds New Ending & Monsters – Available Now

This is probably the update most Monster Hunter Rise players have been waiting for. Version 3.0 of the game will finally add a new, more conclusive ending, along with a number of new monsters.

Before the Version 3.0 update, the main storyline of Monster Hunter Rise ends in a cliffhanger. With this new update – which is live now, by the way – there will finally be a proper ending to the story. Capcom only mentioned that Narwa and Ibushi will meet in the ending as to not spoil the story.

Aside from that, Valstrax (the flagship monster of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate) is now available in Monster Hunter Rise as well. It debuts in the game as Crimson Glow Valstrax, which looks to be a more aggressive variant of the regular monster. A new variant of Zinogre dubbed Apex Zinogre will also make its entry in this new update.

A number of DLCs will be added in Version 3.0 of Monster Hunter Rise too, including new layered armor, hairstyles, hunter voices, sticker sets, and even poses. A few Capcom Collab events are coming to the game as well; the first one is arriving in the middle of June for a Palico layered armor of Tsukino from Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

Version 3.0 of Monster Hunter Rise is now available for download on the Nintendo Switch. Capcom also mentioned that players can expect more event quests to be added in the game that will reward players with layered armor of other Capcom characters.

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