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Monokei Hiro Pre-Orders Now Open – Premium 65% Custom Keyboard From S$580

Monokei just opened pre-orders for another premium custom keyboard, the Monokei Hiro. With some design elements of the company’s popular Kei keyboard, the Hiro is a 65% gasket-mount keyboard with the former’s “distinct sound signature,” as Monokei puts it.

The Hiro can be purchased in three different configurations. The most affordable variant features an aluminium top case and “Silver” bottom case – likely aluminium – from S$580 (about RM1,790), while the brass bottom version starts at S$710 (approximately RM2,195). You can listen to a sound test of these two configurations in the video below.

Last but not least is the all-brass Hiro SE, which comes in a new “Bounty Hunter” PVD finish for a sleek, stealthy look. Now, given that brass is not exactly a budget-friendly material, it’s no surprise that the Hiro SE starts at a steep S$1,180 (about RM3,645). Regardless of which variant you get, you can upgrade to a hotswap PCB for S$15 (about RM45).

The Monokei Hiro will be available for pre-order until 27 December 2021 on Monokei; fulfilment will begin sometime in Q4 2022. More information on the Hiro can be found here.

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