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Mihoyo Buffs Zhongli (Again) in Genshin Impact

It seems like Mihoyo is giving Zhongli yet another buff in Genshin Impact. After receiving feedback from testers and players, the developer revealed that the 5-star character’s Jade Shield created by holding down his Elemental Skill (Dominus Lapidis) will provide more utility in Version 1.3 of the game.

Aside from providing damage absorption, Zhongli’s reworked Jade Shield will now reduce the elemental and physical resistance of nearby enemies by 20%. Do note that this change will be applied on top of the previous buffs to the Elemental Skill, which significantly increases the interruption resistance of the skill in holding mode and summoning a Stone Stele if the “maximum number of Stone Steles has not been reached.”

The previously announced Zhongli buff also made some changes to his passive talent, Dominance of Earth. Currently, this talent only increases the damage of his Elemental Burst (Planet Befall), but once Version 1.3 is here, the damage of his normal attacks and Elemental Skill will also be increased based on his max HP.

Obviously, these buffs to Zhongli are great news to those who managed to get the character when his banner was live. But do note that these changes are not final. More testing will be done in the 1.3 beta test server of Genshin Impact first before these reworks make it into the official game.

According to Mihoyo, it will continue to monitor data on the test server to see how the Zhongli adjustments are performing; the developer will also continue listening to players’ feedback. The final adjustment to Zhongli will be announced before Version 1.3 of Genshin Impact arrives in the future.

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