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Meletrix Zoom65 In-Stock Sale Happening in Malaysia Tonight for RM789

The Meletrix Zoom65 is a 65% custom keyboard with a knob that provides excellent value for money, and it will go on sale (in-stock!) in Malaysia tonight at 8PM. Of course, the sale is hosted by local vendor Rebult Keyboards.

Priced at RM789, the Zoom65 is priced slightly higher than its $179 (about RM750) price tag for the international market to make up for the extra cost of expedited shipping. Only 20 black units are up for grabs, and you won’t have to pay for shipping – provided you’re getting it shipped within Malaysia, presumably.

for that kind of money, the Zoom65 offers a gasket mounting system with full aluminium body, rotary encoder, polycarbonate plate, and of course, a hotswap PCB. On top of that, it also comes with JWK linear switches, double shot PBT keycaps in the popular Olivia colourway (officially authorised, as Meletrix puts it), Wuque Studio’s stabilisers, a carrying case, and a coiled USB-C cable.

If you’re keen to get the Meletrix Zoom65 from Rebult Keyboards, you can do so over here at 8PM tonight. To recap, only 20 units are available, so you do have to act fast if you want to grab one. Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get it: 40 units will be up for pre-order an hour later at 9PM from Rebult for RM759. It’s expected to be fulfilled sometime in late March or early April 2022.

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