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Meletrix Zoom65 – Aluminium Gasket-Mount 65% Keyboard (With Knob) for Only $179

If you’re looking for a 65% custom keyboard with a knob and really good value for money, the Meletrix Zoom65 fits the bill. Meletrix is a sub-brand of Wuque Studio – which is known for its popular Ikki68 Aurora keyboard – and the Zoom65 will be its first flagship product. The best part is, it be sold as an in-stock product tomorrow on 29 December.

Priced at only $179 (about RM750), the Zoom65 offers excellent value. After all, for that kind of money, you’re getting a gasket-mounted keyboard with a full aluminium body, a rotary encoder, a polycarbonate plate, and of course, a hotswap PCB.

On top of that, the Zoom65 also comes with JWK linear switches, double shot PBT keycaps in the popular Olivia colourway (officially authorised, as Meletrix puts it), Wuque Studio’s stabilisers, a carrying case, and a coiled USB-C cable. Needless to say, you’re getting a ton of value out of the Zoom65.

If you’re keen to get the Meletrix Zoom65, you can do so over here at 8.30AM tomorrow on 29 December. Do note that only 100 units are available, so you do have to act fast if you want to grab a unit.

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