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Malaysia Keyboard Meetup Lucky Draw Prizes Revealed – Typ 60 Lite, SINGAKBD Unikorn & More

The lucky draw prizes for the upcoming Malaysia keyboard meetup have been revealed! These prizes can only be won by those who have purchased the RM60 keypass ticket, so if you’re one of 250 folks that got the pass, here’s what you stand to win.

Some of the big ticket items for the lucky draw include SINGAKBD’s prototype Unikorn R2.2 in Berlin Blue, Axiom Studios’ Typ 60 Lite (also prototype) with patina treatment by KneeDeep, as well as a prototype unit of Geonworks’s unique W1-AT keyboard. Needless to say, these are mighty compelling keyboards.

Besides that, there will also be other prizes to be won, including a Soma macro pad, keycap sets, artisans, deskmats, and even switches.

As previously revealed, the Malaysia keyboard meetup will be held at the Grey Box in GMBB Kuala Lumpur on 1 October 2022. It will run from 10AM to 6PM, so expect a number of activities to be held throughout the day. Several vendors at the meetup have been confirmed too, including Rebult Keyboards and Mecha Store.

Aside from that, Sun Cycle – one of the most recognisable distributors – will also be at the keyboard meetup. The company will be bringing as many as six notable brands to the event: Keychron, Akko, Glorious, Ducky, Tecware, and Shurikey.

The Malaysia keyboard meetup is really shaping up to be quite a big affair. Of course, Nextrift will also be attending the event, and if you managed to get a keypass or free entry ticket to the meetup, check out the FAQ before heading to the event on 1 October next month!

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