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Malaysia Keyboard Meetup – Free Pass Holders Required to Register Again, No More Walk-ins

Response to the first large-scale Malaysia keyboard meetup has been quite overwhelming, to say the least. Not only did the RM60 “keypass” ticket sold out in seven minutes, the free entry tickets were also snatched up quickly. If you got the latter, take note: you are required to register again.

The re-registration will take place on 10 September at 6PM. Those with a free entry pass will need to choose a preferred time slot to attend the meetup (10AM – 1PM or 2PM – 5PM). According to the organiser, Keebmunity, this is done to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for those who are attending the event.

Unfortunately, this also means walk-ins to the meetup will no longer be entertained.

Anyway, as previously revealed, the keyboard meetup will be held at the Grey Box in GMBB Kuala Lumpur on 1 October 2022. It will run from 10AM to 6PM, so expect a number of activities to be held throughout the day. Several vendors at the meetup have been confirmed too, including Rebult Keyboards and Mecha Store.

Aside from that, Sun Cycle – one of the most recognisable distributors – will also be at the keyboard meetup. The company will be bringing as many as six notable brands to the event: Keychron, Akko, Glorious, Ducky, Tecware, and Shurikey.

To recap, those with a free entry pass to the keyboard meetup will be required to register again on 10 September at 6PM; those who purchased the keypass ticket are not affected by this. Of course, Nextrift will be there at the event; see you guys then!

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