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Make Any Surface Capable of Wireless Charging With the Ikea Sjömärke – Coming to Malaysia Soon

Ikea has launched a number of products with integrated wireless charging, but the new Ikea Sjömärke puts a little twist to it. Essentially, it is a wireless charger, but it can be used to (effectively) make any surface capable of wireless charging – it is also coming to Malaysia soon.

As usual, we were going through SIRIM’s database when we came across the Sjömärke; it was registered under Ikea Malaysia with the model number E2018. Electronics that are officially sold in Malaysia have to be registered with SIRIM first, so chances are, the Sjömärke will be available here soon.

That being said, it’s worth noting that the Sjömärke’s product listing on Ikea Netherlands shows that it will only be available in the middle of October. With that in mind, it remains to be seen if the Sjömärke will be sold here in Malaysia earlier than that.

Anyway, as mentioned, the Sjömärke can be attached to the bottom of a surface – such as a table – to make it capable of wireless charging. But as the video above demonstrates, the thickness of the surface has to be between 8mm to 22mm in order for the wireless charging to work.

Now that the Ikea Sjömärke has been registered with SIRIM, we reckon it’s only a matter of time before the wireless charger is officially available through Ikea Malaysia.

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