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LETSHUOER Z12 Pre-Orders Now Open – Planar IEM Tuned by Z Reviews From $159

Here’s yet another planar IEM tuned by a well-known figure in the audiophile scene. This time around, it’s the LETSHUOER Z12, a limited edition IEM based on the LETSHUOER S12. What makes the Z12 different (aside from its bright blue and red colour scheme) is the fact that it is tuned by Z Reviews himself.

This is actually Z Reviews’ first-ever collaboration with an audio brand. Compared to the tuning of the original S12, the limited edition Z12 – only 500 units are available worldwide – features boosted sub-bass. More specifically, a 2dB boost for frequencies below the 50Hz range.

Aside from that, the Z12 is also said to have a V-shaped tuning, which makes for a more exciting, more dynamic sound profile. This being a planar IEM, it should be technically-accomplished as well, and its aluminium build gives it a premium appeal too.

The LETSHUOER Z12 is now available for pre-order on HiFiGo from $159 (about RM705). Again, only 500 units of the Z12 are available worldwide, so you may want to place your order quickly to secure a unit. Shipping will commence from 1 August next month.

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