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Keychron Teases New “QMK Keyboard” – Gasket Mount, Hotswap PCB, Screw-In Stabilisers

Keychron, a pretty popular manufacturer in the mainstream keyboard scene, is teasing a rather interesting new keyboard. Dubbed “QMK Keyboard,” it features a number of features more commonly found on enthusiast-level custom mechanical keyboards, including support for – you guessed it – QMK and VIA.

QMK and VIA support seems to be one of the most highlighted features of the QMK Keyboard. Basically, QMK and VIA are software solutions that allow users to customise the mapping of a keyboard. VIA, for one, has a simple user interface that makes it very easy to change what every key on a keyboard does.

Aside from that, the QMK Keyboard will also feature a gasket-mounted plate, one of the most popular mounting styles in the custom keyboard scene now. It remains to be seen if this is a similar implementation to the gasket mounting system of the Glorious GMMK Pro, though if Keychron’s new keyboard is using a “traditional” gasket mount, it should offer a soft typing feel with a clean sound profile.

Other specifications of the QMK Keyboard listed on the website include support for screw-in stabilisers – this is more secure than plate-mounted stabilisers – a hotswap PCB, which makes it easy and seamless to swap switches, as well as an aluminium body. Looking at the teaser image, it looks to be sporting a 75% layout as well.

Based on these revealed specifications, the new Keychron QMK Keyboard does look like a rather promising product that could match the quality of entry-level custom mechanical keyboards. It’ll be interesting to see how much it will be priced at once Keychron is ready to reveal more details.

If you’re interested to learn more about the QMK Keyboard, you can register your interest right here.

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