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Keychron Q3 to Retail From $149 – More Details Revealed

Keychron revealed quite a number of new information on its upcoming TKL keyboard, the Keychron Q3. Its pricing, for one, has been confirmed to start at $149 (about RM620) for the barebone kit, or $169 (approximately RM705) for the fully assembled version.

If you recall, these are the exact same prices for the Keychron Q1, which is a slightly smaller 75% keyboard. Aside from that, most of the Q3’s specifications seem to mirror the Q1 too, including a gasket mounting system, full aluminium body, VIA-compatible hotswap PCB, and support for screw-in stabilisers.

Of course, the Q3 does have a couple of unique features, including a TKL layout (naturally) and a force case/top break mod – as described by Keychron – which is said to be a silicone between the top and bottom case. In theory, this should reduce case ping, which is one of the biggest shortcomings of the Q1.

At the moment, the Keychron Q3 is expected to be available sometime in Q1 2022, though it was previously estimated to go on sale in January 2022. If you’re looking to get a reasonably affordable TKL keyboard with some features only typically found on a custom board, the Q3 may be worth waiting for.

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