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Keychron Q3 TKL Keyboard Goes on Sale on 29 March From $154

The Keychron Q3 is finally going on sale at the end of the month. This TKL keyboard, much like the Keychron Q1, features a gasket mounting system, an aluminium case, and of course, a knob.

As its product page shows, the Q3 starts at $154 (about RM645) for the barebone kit. The fully assembled model, on the other hand, costs $174 (approximately RM725). Want to add a knob? Well, you’ll just have to add on $10 (around RM40).

Aside from its TKL layout, the Q3 also features the aforementioned gasket mounting system, a full aluminium body, a VIA-compatible hotswap PCB, and support for screw-in stabilisers. On top of that, it has silicone gaskets between the top and bottom cases as well to reduce case ping.

The Keychron Q3 will be available for purchase right here on 29 March at 10PM Malaysian time. If you’re afraid you’ll miss the drop, you can use the notify feature on the product page to get an email when it’s on sale.

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