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Keychron Q2 Will Have Better Sound Profile Than Q1

One of the biggest shortcomings of the Keychron Q1 is its less than desirable sound profile. Case ping is very evident with the keyboard, but according to Keychron, the upcoming Keychron Q2 won’t suffer from the same issue. In fact, it’s said to have “better sound profile compared to the Q1.”

This bit of info from Nick Xu of Keychron. In order to get rid of the case ping, the Q2 will have a thicker bottom case. On top of that, a silicone will also be added to the case, which should provide further sound deadening for a more pleasant sound signature.

Beyond these changes, the Q2 should be similar to the Q1. It has a gasket mounting system, a hotswap PCB, a CNC aluminium case, an aluminium plate, as well as support for screw-in stabilisers. The fully assembled model will also feature three choices of Gateron switches: Brown (tactile), Red (linear), or Blue (clicky).

It’s also worth noting that the Q2 will come with double shot PBT keycaps in OSA profile too; quite a change over the OEM profile of the Q1’s stock keycaps. It’s interesting that Keychron’s OSA keycaps look to be different from existing OSA keycaps – these keycaps seem to have more rounded corners.

The Keychron Q2 is expected to go on sale (in-stock) by the end of November 2021 next month. As for pricing, it’s expected to be priced similarly to the Q1, which starts at $149 – that comes up to about RM620. If you’re keen to get the Q2, you can register your interest right here.

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