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Keychron Q2 Sound Test Released – Now Sporting “Double Gasket” Design

Keychron just released a sound test of its upcoming 65% keyboard, the Keychron Q2. Thanks to its new “double gasket” design, it does seem to have improved sound profile over the Keychron Q1 – just as the company promised.

So what is the double gasket design? Basically, on top of the standard gasket-mount system of the Q2 – which in turn is similar to the Q1 – there are also silicone pads between the top and bottom cases. This is done to “significantly reduce the resonance between the metals,” as Keychron puts it.

Looking at the video of the sound test above, the Q2 does sound quite a bit better than the Q1 in stock configuration. While there’s still some case ping (it comes off as a “metallic” sound), it’s not quite as noticeable anymore. Keychron also said that the bottom case of the Q2 is thicker now to improve its sound profile.

The Keychron Q2 will be available for purchase as an in-stock keyboard sometime in December next month. It’s said to be priced similarly to the Q1 – which starts at $149 (about RM630) – despite the fact that it’s a smaller keyboard. Anyway, you can register your interest for the Q2 right here ahead of its launch.

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