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Keychron Q2 Is a 65% Version of the Keychron Q1 – Releasing in August 2021

Keychron will be opening pre-orders for the Keychron Q1 next month; a 75% gasket-mounted mechanical keyboard with a number of features typically found on enthusiast-level keyboards. Well, if you want a smaller version of the Q1, consider the Keychron Q2, which is set to be released sometime in August 2021.

This was revealed by Nick Xu of Keychron on Facebook. According to him, the Q2 is a 65% keyboard with support for VIA, much like the Q1. He also shared some prototype images of the upcoming keyboard, revealing the layout of the Q2. Do note that the bezels of the prototype will be changed in the production unit.

Aside from that, Nick Xu also revealed that the Q2 will share the feature set of the Q1. The prototype appears to be installed with Gateron Yellow switches as well, so there’s a good chance the production unit will follow suit. We reckon other Gateron switches will be offered too.

Since it’s confirmed that the Q2 will be similar to the Q1, its list of specifications should be the same. This means the Q2 will have a gasket mounting system, a CNC aluminium body, and a hotswap PCB with south-facing LEDs for maximum compatibility with keycaps of various profiles.

The prototype unit of the Q2, as expected, features screw-in stabilisers as well, though it doesn’t appear to be sporting a badge or rotary dial like the Q1. Of course, it’s possible the production unit will implement these features, though this is only an educated guess at this point in time.

Anyway, a couple of other images of the Q2 were also posted to Keychron’s Discord server. Looking at its side profile, it really does look like a downsized version of the Q1. There seems to be a blue and grey unit of the 65% keyboard as well, so there’s a chance it will be offered in the same colour options as the Q1.

To recap, the Q1 (at this moment) will be available in four different shades: black, white, grey, and dark blue.

The Keychron Q2 is expected to be released sometime in August 2021. Given its smaller form factor, it will likely be more affordable than the Q1, which starts at $139 (about RM580) for the barebone kit. Chances are, the Q2 will also be available as a barebone kit or fully assembled.

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