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Keychron Q2 Coming End November 2021 – In-Stock Sale With New Keycaps

Keychron finally revealed more information on its upcoming 65% keyboard, the Keychron Q2. Unlike the Q1, the new keyboard will be sold as an in-stock keyboard by the end of November next month; a new OSA profile keycap will be paired with the Q2 too.

These details came from Nick Xu of Keychron. According to him, the Q2 will only be released once units are in stock along with its accessories. “If things are not ready, we will just postpone the launch date,” he said.

As you can see in the images above, the Q2 will come with double shot PBT keycaps in OSA profile too; quite a change over the OEM profile of the Q1’s stock keycaps. It’s worth noting that Keychron’s OSA keycaps look to be different from existing OSA keycaps – these keycaps seem to have more rounded corners.

Just like the Q1, the Q2 is a gasket-mounted keyboard with a hotswap PCB. It also features a CNC aluminium case, an aluminium plate, and support for screw-in stabilisers. The fully assembled model will come with three choices of Gateron switches as well: Brown (tactile), Red (linear), or Blue (clicky).

So how much will the Keychron Q2 cost? According to Nick Xu, it will be priced similarly to the Q1 – which starts at $149 (about RM620) – despite the fact that it’s a smaller keyboard. Anyway, you can register your interest for the Q2 right here ahead of its estimated launch by the end of November 2021 next month.

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