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Keychron Q1 Will Be in Stock Permanently – Price Increase After Pre-Order Period

The Keychron Q1 is proving to be quite a popular keyboard. So much so that Keychron has decided to permanently keep the Q1 in stock, making it much more accessible to consumers.

Previously, production of the Q1 was set to end once a new Q-series keyboard is released, such as the upcoming Keychron Q2. This is no longer applicable, and to top it off, the coiled cable – which was originally only meant to be bundled with pre-order units – will be included with the Q1 even after the pre-order has ended.

However, after the pre-order period of the Q1 has ended (tentatively after 20 September), its price will be increased by $10 (about RM40) for both the barebone kit and fully assembled model as shown on the website. This puts the barebone kit at $159 (around RM660), and the fully assembled model at $179 (about RM745).

To recap, the Q1 is a 75% pre-built keyboard with a gasket mounting system – this mounting style is typically only offered on custom keyboards – along with a full CNC aluminium case. It also features a hotswap PCB (allowing you to swap switches without soldering) that supports VIA out of the box for easy key mapping.

Keychron worked with Gateron quite a bit for the Q1 as well. Not only can it be purchased with three new factory lubed Gateron Phantom switches – Phantom Brown (tactile), Phantom Red (linear), or Phantom Blue (clicky) – it features screw-in stabilisers made by Gateron too.

If you’d like to learn more about the Keychron Q1, check out our extensive review of the keyboard in the video above; we also have a written review over here. Not keen to pay shipping costs on Keychron’s website to get the Q1 delivered to Malaysia? Well, Keybot will be opening local pre-orders of the Q1 sometime next month.

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