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Keychron Q1 75% QMK Keyboard – Design & More Specs Revealed

Keychron just updated the product page for its upcoming QMK keyboard, which is now dubbed Keychron Q1. Aside from revealing the name of the new product, the company also posted an image of the keyboard itself, confirming the 75% layout.

Unfortunately, only one image of the Keychron Q1 has been released so far, though it does show us the rather minimalist layout of the 75% keyboard and its metallic yellow case. It’s certainly an eye-catching, unique colour that you don’t often see keyboard manufacturers use.

Aside from that, Keychron also revealed additional specifications of the Q1 keyboard. Not only does it have south-facing LEDs – complete with RGB lighting – for maximum compatibility with different keycaps, it also has a poron foam, which could possibly be placed in between the plate and PCB for a cleaner sound profile.

To recap, the Keychron Q1 is a gasket-mounted 75% keyboard with a number of features that you only typically find on enthusiast-level custom keyboards. It comes with QMK and VIA support – software solutions that allow users to easily customise the mapping of a keyboard – screw-in stabilisers, a hotswap PCB, as well as an aluminium case.

At the moment, we still don’t know exactly when the Keychron Q1 QMK Keyboard will be officially introduced. Nonetheless, you can register your interest for the upcoming keyboard over here.

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