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KBDfans’ Blade65 Now in Stock – 65% Gasket-Mounted Keyboard From $269

In stock products in the custom mechanical keyboard scene is (unfortunately) quite rare, which is the very reason why KBDfans’ new Blade65 keyboard is a compelling keyboard. Not only is it available for purchase right now, it’s a rather interesting 65% gasket-mounted keyboard too.

It’s worth noting that the Blade65 is essentially a more premium version of KBDfans’ other popular offering, the KBD67 Lite. The only difference lies in the case of the two keyboards: the Lite has a polycarbonate case, while the Blade65 sports an aluminium case…with a rather quirky-looking design.

That also means it is quite a bit more expensive. The KBD67 Lite was relatively affordable with a $109 (about RM460) price tag, but the Blade65 starts at a much steeper $269 (approximately RM1,135). If you want the Skull badge on the bottom of the keyboard, that’s an extra $20 (about RM85).

While the Blade65 is by no means an affordable custom keyboard, it does look to be a decent mid-range offering. This keyboard uses the same gasket mounting system as the KBD67 Lite, including the same hotswap PCB and polycarbonate plate. Also bundled with the kit are KBDfans’ very own “transparent” screw-in stabilisers.

At the time of writing, the KBDfans Blade65 is still available for purchase, including the configuration with the Skull badge. If you’re keen to get this custom keyboard, you can do so over at KBDfans’ official store. Already got the KBD67 Lite? Then you can get just the Blade65 case for $199 (about RM840).

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