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KBD67 Lite Second Pre-Orders Live – $135 for Bluetooth Version

The second round of pre-orders for KBDfans’ budget-friendly custom keyboard, the KBD67 Lite, is now live. Compared to the first version of the keyboard, there are a number of changes, including the introduction of a Bluetooth model.

Of course, you do have to pay more to get Bluetooth support with the KBD67 Lite. The regular model still retails at $109 (about RM450), while the Bluetooth version costs $135 (approximately RM555). Do note that you will need to purchase a battery separately to get Bluetooth working; KBDfans recommends this particular battery.

Aside from Bluetooth support with the new KBD67 Lite, it is also offered in three new colours: Transparent Tiffany (green, basically), a grey and white colour combo, as well as pink. The former is translucent, while the latter two are solid colours. Naturally, the original three colours (transparent, black, and white) are still available too.

Other changes to the updated KBD67 Lite include an injection-molded polycarbonate plate – the previous version uses a CNC polycarbonate plate – and instead of Cherry-branded stabilisers, the keyboard now comes with KBDfans’ own screw-in stabilisers. On top of that, the KBD67 Lite is no longer pre-assembled either for faster shipping times.

According to KBDfans, the KBD67 Lite will be available for pre-order until 10 April; it is expected to ship on 30 May 2021, which is really quite fast for a custom mechanical keyboard. You can place your pre-order here if you’re keen to grab this budget keyboard. Not sure it’s the right keyboard for you? Then check out our review of the KBD67 Lite.

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