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It’s Official: You Can Access Netflix on Astro Soon

Rumours started circulating not too long ago of a partnership between Astro and Netflix, and well, it is now official. Soon, you will be able to access Netflix on Astro – it seems to be implied that there could be a special package of sorts too.

According to Astro, its current subscribers will be able to access Netflix on connected Ultra Boxes in the near future. Of course, those with connected Ulti Boxes will also get the feature in the coming months, though a specific timeline was not given.

Astro further elaborated that its customers can “enjoy greater convenience by having Netflix with their Astro subscription, providing easy access for payment in a single bill, at the best value.” This seems to suggest that there could be a special package for Astro customers, though this is only our educated guess at this point in time.

“Our partnership with Netflix consolidates Astro’s position as the number one entertainment destination for Malaysians by offering the best streaming services alongside our own best-loved originals, vernacular signatures, live sports and local blockbuster movies,” said the Group CEO of Astro, Henry Tan.

No estimated timeline yet as to when Netflix will be accessible on Astro, though you can register your interest right here.

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