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Ikki68 Aurora Returns – Budget Custom Keyboard From RM570

Wuque Studio is back with round two of the excellent (and budget-friendly) Ikki68 Aurora 65% custom keyboard. This time around, local vendor Rebult Keyboards is the Malaysian proxy for the keyboard, so you won’t have to pay as much for shipping.

The second revision of the Ikki68 Aurora is largely similar to the first version, though there are some notable changes. The new PCB and plate of the updated Ikki68, for example, now feature a number of flex cuts for a “bouncier” and more flexible typing experience.

In fact, the new PCB of the Ikki68 Aurora is also thinner at 1.2mm, not to mention the fact that the wireless version (via Bluetooth) also supports VIA now for easy key mapping. Naturally, both the wired and wireless PCBs are hotswap, so if you want a solderable PCB instead, you’ll have to get it as an add-on.

If you want to add a premium touch to the Ikki68 Aurora, you can get the aluminium top case, which is compatible with the original Ikki68 too. There are also five new colour options: Aurora Fog, Aurora Blue, Aurora Pink, Aurora Clear, and Aurora Snow – this one has an aluminium top instead of polycarbonate.

Other specifications of the Ikki68 Aurora include a customisable gasket mounting system for a softer or firmer typing experience, support for screw-in stabilisers, as well as underglow RGB lighting.

The new Ikki68 Aurora is now available for pre-order through Rebult Keyboards here in Malaysia from RM570 until 26 November. It will start shipping to customers sometime in April 2022, which is about five months away – decent lead time for a custom keyboard, believe it or not.

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