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Hu Tao Finally Confirmed – Arriving in Genshin Impact Soon?

If you’re an avid Genshin Impact player, there’s a good chance you might have heard about Hu Tao. Well, Mihoyo has finally confirmed the existence of the character with a number of other key details, which goes into her background as the 77th director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, as well as her unique abilities.

Though Mihoyo has not revealed exactly when Hu Tao will be added to Genshin Impact, the developer did confirm that she is a Pyro character that wields a polearm. She is also said to be a burst damage dealer that consumes her own HP to increase her damage; quite a unique playstyle.

Her Elemental Skill (Guide to Afterlife), consumes part of her HP and knocks back nearby enemies. She also enters the “Paramita Papilio” state after using this skill, increasing her attack based on her max HP and imbues her polearm with Pyro damage. Hu Tao can even apply the “Blood Blossom” effect to enemies hit by her charged attack in this state, which deals Pyro damage every four seconds.

While Hu Tao’s Elemental Skill consumes her HP, her Elemental Burst (Spirit Soother) does the opposite. Once activated, Spirit Soother deals Pyro damage in a large AoE, and striking enemies with the skill regenerates a percentage of her max HP. This effect can be triggered up to five times based on the number of enemies hit, and if Hu Tao’s HP is below or equal to 50% when the enemy is hit, the damage and HP regeneration of Spirit Soother are increased too.

Evidently, the Staff of Homa – which grants attack bonus when the wielder’s health is below 50% – in the current weapon banner is made for Hu Tao.

Now that Mihoyo has released these details on Hu Tao, we reckon it’s only a matter of time before we get more information on her character banner and her exact release date. If we were to take a wild guess, there’s a good chance Hu Tao will replace Keqing’s banner, which is set to end on 2 March next week.

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